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[texts]Australasian Wireless Review magazine February 1923
Australasian Wireless Review magazine for February 1923
Keywords: Australia; Wireless
Downloads: 758
[texts]Australasian Wireless Review magazine January 1923
Australasian Wireless Review magazine for January 1923
Keywords: Australia; Wireless
Downloads: 875
[texts]Australasian Wireless Review magazine March 1923
Australasian Wireless Review magazine for March 1923
Keywords: Australia; Wireless
Downloads: 882
[texts]Australasian Wireless Review magazine June 1923
Australasian Wireless Review magazine for June 1923
Keywords: Australia; Wireless
Downloads: 656
[texts]Australasian Wireless Review magazine May 1923
Australasian Wireless Review magazine for May 1923
Keywords: Australia; Wireless
Downloads: 964
[texts]Australasian Wireless Review magazine April 1923
Australasian Wireless Review magazine for April 1923
Keywords: Australia; Wireless
Downloads: 512
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 03 (January 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; electric; steam; device; patent; wireless; scientific american; gas; american january; york central; american supplement; national electric; wireless telegraphy; american supplements; rare earths; electric signaling; wireless telegraph
Downloads: 94
[texts]Scientific American Volume 86 Number 10 (March 1902)

Keywords: electric; apparatus; patent; scientific; wireless; waves; tion; steam; horse power; scientific american; american march; ten times; north german; steam turbine; nickel plate; south african; wireless telegraph; german lloyd
Downloads: 87
[texts]Scientific American Volume 87 Number 09 (August 1902)

Keywords: scientific; electric; tion; apparatus; munn; wireless; manufacturers; oil; portland cement; scientific american; motor cycle; gas engine; liquid fuel; horse power; ground glass; vertical wire; nail assorting; wireless telegraphy
Downloads: 64
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 09 (August 1909)

Keywords: scientific; patent; device; patents; apparatus; molds; american; concrete; scientific american; automobile; thirty feet; ten feet; american supplement; wireless telegraph; york city; automobile wireless; long island; reinforced concrete; steering column
Downloads: 95
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 13 (September 1907)

Keywords: scientific; apparatus; feet; vanadium; american; patent; wireless; device; scientific american; center; years ago; railroad company; liquid air; pounds gage; wireless telephony; american september; aerial wire; vanadium steel; pennsylvania railroad
Downloads: 194
[texts]Scientific American Volume 88 Number 01 (January 1903)

Keywords: scientific; electric; american; plow; wireless; rotary; motor; steam; scientific american; apparatus; electric trolley; electric traction; horse power; armour institute; wireless telegraphy; alternating current; illustrated catalogue; rotary plow; american january
Downloads: 72
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 04 (January 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; electric; supplement; railroad; cortlandt; device; current; scientific american; patent; wireless telegraphy; pennsylvania railroad; american supplement; wireless telegraph; cortlandt street; jersey city; terminal station; candle power; ten years
Downloads: 73
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 16 (October 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; munn; brooklyn; apparatus; feet; wireless; machine; scientific american; electric; steam engine; sense gum; american supplements; brooklyn bridge; american october; wireless telephone; gliding flight; grasping power; pennsylvania railroad
Downloads: 100
[texts]Scientific American Volume 92 Number 06 (February 1905)

Keywords: automobile; scientific; tion; hewitt; apparatus; engine; power; patent; ontario power; scientific american; trade marks; steam turbine; wireless telegraph; american february; sir oliver; type writing; oliver lodge; power company
Downloads: 113
[texts]Scientific American Volume 99 Number 06 (August 1908)

Keywords: scientific; inches; manufacturers; supplement; armor; machine; comet; american; american supplement; scientific american; light pressure; american august; secondary battery; main armament; german navy; magnesium hydroxide; main battery; wireless telegraph
Downloads: 70
[texts]Scientific American Volume 100 Number 16 (April 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; electric; tion; steam; tbe; exposition; american supplement; scientific american; specific gravity; san francisco; wireless telegraph; average speed; american supplements; york city; fundus oculi; large number
Downloads: 109
[texts]Scientific American Volume 88 Number 21 (May 1903)

Keywords: scientific; tion; electric; steam; patent; machine; motor; american; star milk; scientific american; wireless telephone; puncture proof; milk cooler; gas engine; horse power; brake horse; great britain; dairy plant
Downloads: 65
[texts]Scientific American Volume 86 Number 19 (May 1902)

Keywords: scientific; steam; electric; tion; automobile; glass; american; munn; preferred stock; scientific american; american engines; wireless telegraphy; horse power; gathmann gun; common stock; compressed air; fore river; real estate
Downloads: 81
[texts]Scientific American Volume 87 Number 08 (August 1902)

Keywords: scientific; electric; tion; steam; locomotive; apparatus; inches; machine; horse power; scientific american; weighing hopper; water closet; american august; burning oil; wireless telegraphy; building monthly; gas engine; inches thick
Downloads: 77
[texts]Scientific American Volume 99 Number 16 (October 1908)

Keywords: scientific; american; patent; tion; machine; drum; wire; supplement; american supplement; scientific american; reinforced concrete; model commission; patent office; years ago; short arm; iron wire; buy machinery; wireless telegraph
Downloads: 83
[texts]Scientific American Volume 99 Number 17 (October 1908)

Keywords: scientific; american; inches; supplement; japanese; automobile; wheel; electric; american supplement; scientific american; alternating current; wireless telegraph; japanese navy; buy machinery; american supplements; armored cruiser; fiscal year; american october
Downloads: 69
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 05 (July 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; liquid; july; motor; crystals; tion; american supplement; scientific american; alternating current; tuberculosis sanatorium; liquid crystals; proper position; wireless telegraph; outer mold; years ago; great britain
Downloads: 83
[texts]Scientific American Volume 88 Number 19 (May 1903)

Keywords: scientific; steam; electric; tion; machine; motor; device; american; horse power; scientific american; safety catch; north pacific; pole piece; game board; wireless telegraph; steam turbine; pounds pressure; price list
Downloads: 128
[texts]Scientific American Volume 100 Number 21 (May 1909)

Keywords: scientific; tbe; patent; munn; peat; cave; american; machine; producer gas; scientific american; mail bag; guide map; mammoth cave; tbe address; lock canal; main cave; wireless telegraph; hot water
Downloads: 188
[texts]Scientific American Volume 99 Number 14 (October 1908)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; tion; water; munn; construction; canal; american supplement; scientific american; american october; total excavation; wireless telegraph; lifting force; cubic yards; hot water; total cost; alternating current
Downloads: 61
[texts]Scientific American Volume 86 Number 11 (March 1902)

Keywords: patent; scientific; steam; machine; american; railroad; tion; naval; nickel plate; scientific american; american supplement; tire wheel; horse power; park avenue; wireless telegraphy; basket machine; trade marks; york central
Downloads: 77
[texts]Scientific American Volume 98 Number 22 (May 1908)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; buy; tion; lamp; gas; machine; american supplement; scientific american; buy machinery; signal corps; american supplements; horizontal rudder; wireless telegraph; gas engines; mail bag; reinforced concrete
Downloads: 65
[texts]Scientific American Volume 86 Number 14 (April 1902)

Keywords: feet; scientific; tion; steam; electric; automobile; tbe; patent; union pacific; scientific american; gas engine; foreign trade; sewing machine; long island; maximum grade; glass palace; wireless telegraphy; lifting power
Downloads: 64
[texts]Scientific American Volume 100 Number 20 (May 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; apparatus; device; munn; tion; center; american supplement; scientific american; ice goblet; american homes; cubic feet; three images; total number; luminous effects; total weight; wireless telegraph
Downloads: 103
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 08 (August 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; electric; apparatus; vessel; tbe; tion; american supplement; scientific american; credit men; american august; wireless telegraph; fire insurance; large number; diving bell; sheet metal; bee bread
Downloads: 74
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 10 (September 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; electric; latham; tion; machine; hoisting; american supplement; scientific american; american supplements; practical treatise; black diamonds; sewing machine; cubic feet; main operating; main hoisting; wireless telegraph
Downloads: 68
[texts]Scientific American Volume 85 Number 11 (September 1901)

Keywords: electric; scientific; apparatus; patent; munn; motor; tion; automobile; horse power; scientific american; liquid air; electric light; wireless telegraphy; second circuit; prize offered; motor carriage; gas engine; best time
Downloads: 63
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 16 (October 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; apparatus; tion; tbe; lobsters; lobster; american supplement; scientific american; hydrogen peroxide; hot air; wireless telegraph; aerial navigation; american supplements; san francisco; american october; liquid air
Downloads: 103
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 19 (November 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; feet; chapter; apparatus; center; supplement; american supplement; scientific american; tific american; suction pipes; wireless telegraph; long island; american november; york city; middle west; rolling body
Downloads: 83
[texts]Scientific American Volume 86 Number 16 (April 1902)

Keywords: automobile; patent; scientific; apparatus; machine; steam; american; electric; preferred stock; scientific american; river ship; krupp works; gas engine; automobile club; fore river; wireless telegraphy; nickel plate; years ago
Downloads: 97
[texts]Scientific American Volume 85 Number 12 (September 1901)

Keywords: dam; electric; croton; masonry; feet; munn; tion; vessel; masonry dam; scientific american; gas engine; fixed gas; core wall; storage battery; american supplement; horse power; tific american; wireless telegraphy
Downloads: 66
[texts]Scientific American Volume 100 Number 02 (January 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; inches; machine; pipe; illustrations; feet; water; american supplement; scientific american; inches wide; gas engines; moving picture; rockefeller institute; krupp works; practical treatise; wireless telegraph; american homes
Downloads: 77
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 17 (October 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; apparatus; speed; dredges; device; tbe; supplement; american supplement; scientific american; gold dredges; waltham watch; alternating current; polar axis; middle west; hot water; wireless telegraph; coal consumption
Downloads: 158
[texts]BSTJ 1: 1. July 1922: A New Type of High Power Vacuum Tube. (Wilson, W.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 1: 1. July 1922 pp 4-17. A New Type of High Power Vacuum Tube. (Wilson, W.)
Keywords: tube; glass; tubes; anode; power; copper; filament; vacuum; seals; seal; copper disc; grid assembly; vacuum tube; technical journal; high power; system technical; wireless telephony; bell system; power vacuum; filament grid
Downloads: 55
[texts]Scientific American Volume 83 Number 16 (October 1900)

Keywords: carbide; feet; patent; electric; tbe; steam; horse; dock; horse power; apparatus; wooden dry; wireless telegraphy; scientific american; carbide industry; dry dock; acetylene gas; color screen; feet long; large number
Downloads: 106
[texts]Scientific American Volume 98 Number 10 (March 1908)

Keywords: tons; scientific; armor; machine; knots; inches; guns; patent; scientific american; armored; model experiments; guide blades; wireless telegraph; tons displacement; sand blocks; sea speed; armored cruiser; olive bridge; british navy
Downloads: 74
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 07 (August 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; steam; concrete; tbe; inches; locomotive; scientific american; engine; heating surface; electric motor; american supplement; sewing machine; wireless telegraph; particulars address; air thermometer; american supplements; armored concrete
Downloads: 101
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 02 (July 1907)

Keywords: scientific; canals; american; linoleum; tion; motor; burlap; machine; scientific american; device; average speed; wireless telegraph; american supplement; motor car; polar cap; captive balloons; square yards; american july; tific american
Downloads: 66
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 09 (March 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; steam; electric; supplement; tion; valve; device; scientific american; engine; sheet metal; motor boat; american supplement; wireless telegraph; outer rail; principal objects; autogenous soldering; american march; iver johnson
Downloads: 87
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 01 (January 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; steam; device; apparatus; steel; pens; scientific american; cents; wireless telegraph; rapid transit; magnetic north; block weighing; american supplement; air brake; american january; north pole; full particulars
Downloads: 87
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 26 (June 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; automobile; railroad; supplement; tion; motor; electric; scientific american; steam; wireless telegraph; fog signal; american supplement; water supply; american supplements; york central; west shore; york city; compressed air
Downloads: 62
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 21 (November 1907)

Keywords: scientific; shipments; cubic; lumber; airship; automobile; patent; american; scientific american; corresponding; water elevator; cent larger; cubic yards; cold water; net tons; years ago; cortlandt street; wireless telegraph; steam shovel
Downloads: 136
[texts]Scientific American Volume 93 Number 03 (July 1905)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; steam; adapted; wireless; center; motor; scientific american; device; panama canal; flying machine; american supplement; commander peary; american supplements; york city; diedral angle; square feet; cast iron
Downloads: 61
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 18 (May 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; colorado; catalog; feet; river; machine; tion; scientific american; patent; years ago; sewing machine; aerial wire; colorado river; southern pacific; water supply; salton sink; wireless telegraph; san francisco
Downloads: 123
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